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Kenola’s Bookbag Black Subscription Box

This summer, big brand book subscription box companies (that’s a mouthful!) were called to task for inadequate diversity in both book and product choices. The selections were almost exclusively aimed toward the White, cisgendered, heterosexual YA fantasy reader. Further, these brands lacked diverse ambassador representation in it’s marketing. The outcome was the muffling of Black voices and minimal promotion of diverse literature. During a time when the people are calling on social action , this silencing was shattered by movements in the #bookstagram , #booktwitter and #booktok communities. Between #BOTM suggesting that Black #bookstagrammers too often had inappropriate content, and the #WhatPublishingPaidMe movement highlighting the minimal payments of POC authors – it became clear that the publishing industry is still very lopsided.

Thankfully, Kenola’s Bookbag is in its inaugural cycle Bringing our Focus Black! In each cycle (a bi-monthly delivery), this company will deliver Kenola‚Äôs Bookbag Box containing a book written by a Black author as well as 2 to 3 items produced by Black owned companies. Check out my unboxing video below for the September cycle reveal!

Use my code: COCO10 for 10% off to give this box a try!

*This is a sponsored post. Reviews and thoughts are my honest reviews of the product and are unaltered from the company*

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