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If you could be anywhere in the world practicing #socialdistancing , where would you go?

I’d go to #HillsdaleNY ! If you ever get a chance to visit this little town, please get the #glasscabininthewoods with AirBnB. Every year, my husband and I spend a long weekend in October together to reconnect, enjoy the beautiful fall leaf changes, read books and journal. Quarantine has been a bit like those long, isolated weekends. My days are filled with cozy pajamas, audiobooks and satisfying meals (check out Carnal Dish !!!). Aside from the beautiful cabin, there’s a sweet little bookstore we like to visit that’s hidden in the country side called Rodgers Book Barn and the Crossroads Food Shop is the cutest little deli and all purpose store – they served the best lunch! When we all get to travel again, please visit ! For now enjoy pictures from my last trip. 

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