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Cozy Morning Pancakes

Have you seen the most recent controversy surrounding Aunt Jemima Pancakes? Despite what recent reports suggest, there has been a kind of unease about the brand and several calls for rebranding over the years. The new generations of activist are calling for brand accountability and more specifically the removal of racist stereotypes that perpetuate romanticized images of enslaved and later servant life. Quaker Oats is currently working to update the images and brand named associate with multiple products that have similar images. I’m a bit conflicted about the whole thing; especially, after hearing from the grandson of one of the Aunt Jemima actresses. What I will say is that I don’t support the use of these images without proper compensation to those families who portrayed the brand’s famous logo over the years. This issue demonstrates how American wealth used black bodies for profit, peddling an alternate history and when held accountable they all to quickly come up with superficial answers to move forward without affecting their bottom line. The brand needs a more thoughtful response to the controversy – and while they think on that, below is my recipe for Cozy Morning Pancakes.

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